About the hotel

SAMOS Hotel is located in one of the most central parts of the capital of the island. Open all year round for top quality service, our hotel is set against a lavish background, striking for its picturesque aspects and dominating the world-renown Vathy bay. Not surprisingly, our establishment has gained wide acclaim in the tourist market as a favored destination for excellent vacationing, for international and domestic clients alike.

Moreover, SAMOS Hotel follows the beat of local life, with a wide array of proposals and events, on a daily basis. With the crystal-clear Aegean within walking distance, the warmth of an ambiance so typical of the Greek Islands, its homey style albeit providing the latest in comfort and amenities, SAMOS Hotel is certainly the wise choice for accommodation in Samos!

History of the hotel

The development of the premises housing the SAMOS Hotel facility were commissioned in 1971 by Antonios Loïzos, on the site that once hosted the famous Negri Mansion, one of the town’s oldest and greatest noble houses. As a reminder of past glories, that mansion’s main marble staircase was preserved and may still be seen today, intact! It is the main staircase at the Hotel’s Reception Desk area.